Camp Stories

At Camp Rise Above, we know that camp is only a small part of what we do. Our campers and families face challenges and struggles all year long. And while we know that camp matters to our participants all year long, we are often asked “Why does camp matter?” So, it is our pleasure to share the amazing stories of some of our CRA campers and their families and the impact Camp Rise Above has made on them. These stories are why camp matters, why the joys and friendships at camp matter all year long. We invite you to support our campers’ everyday miracles by becoming a Camp Champ and providing support to our programs year-round.

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Video with Dr. Ramin Eskandari, Everly & Her Mother, Penny

In 2021, CRA held its first overnight camps which allowed Everly (and many others) to spend the night away from family for the first time. Collaboration with medical staff, counselors, and camp staff allowed Everly to have a fun week at camp, staying safe in every situation. And facing a significant surgery in 2022, Everly’s medical team was adamant that she has fun at camp before facing the possible risks of her surgery.

Why Camp Matters to Everly

Video with Dr. Ramin Eskandari & Her Mother, Penny and Everly

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Update from surgery, hope for the future….

“It all seemed to big and scary and complicated. But Camp Rise Above changed all of that for Everly – and for our whole family. She was welcomed with open arms, no diagnosis was too big or too scary. They just showed love and acceptance and friendship. We are so thankful for their mission and the value that they place on all children. Everly is a different child because of CRA. Yes, the scary diagnosis is still there, but walking this journey with our friends at CRA makes it a little lighter.”
-Penny, Everly’s Mother