Frequently Asked Questions

What is Camp Rise Above?

Camp Rise Above is a strengths-based organization dedicated to providing a true camp experience to children with special medical needs and other life-threatening conditions. We offer many programs throughout the year to children around the state. Visit our “About Us” page to learn more!

Why are you doing this?

Children with special medical needs and life-threatening situations rarely if ever get to be normal kids. Their conditions set them apart from others in ways that constantly remind them that they’re not like other children. With Camp Rise Above, these children enjoy a true camp experience with others just like them. With individual attention from trained camp counselors and on-site medical teams, they can enjoy being a normal kid at camp. We believe all children deserve to experience the magic of camp, regardless of their medical condition.

Where is Camp Rise Above?

Founded in Mt. Pleasant, SC, CRA offers camps at hospitals around the state throughout the year, and our summer camp programs are currently held at James Island County Park. We hope to acquire land in the coming months in the Charleston area on which to build a permanently accessible overnight camp that will serve thousands of children each year.

How can people help?

  • Volunteer! We always need volunteers for our hospital and summer camp programs. Visit our volunteer page to learn more.
  • Support us! You can support our programs with financial donations, donated items, or by helping us spread the news about who we are and what we do.
  • Follow us on social media!