ABC News 4: Camp Rise Above runs on dedicated doctor and nurse volunteers

ABC News 4: Camp Rise Above runs on dedicated doctor and nurse volunteers

April, 27th 2018


Camp Rise Above is a unique camp that allows kids with serious illnesses, life challenges, and disabilities to just have fun. The camp is possible because of all the volunteers that come back year after year.

Some of them are required to have medical backgrounds, which is critical to keeping the kids healthy and safe while also allowing them to enjoy the true magic of summer camp.

Dr. Libby Infinger is gearing up for her third summer at Camp Rise Above.

“We are responsible for medical things during the day knowing what to look out for based on the condition that the child has, but then really it’s I have a little backpack with that stuff in it but I have a t-shirt like the camp counselors so the kids don’t really see me as the doctor of the day, “ said Dr. Infinger, an Assistant Professor of Neurosurgery at MUSC.

Each camp has four health providers — a doctor, nurse practitioner or physician’s assistant — during every day of the camp. Infinger even gets to see some of her patients there.

“It’s definitely a different aspect of their personality than I see in the hospital, the confidence that they are there around their other friends,” said Dr. Infinger.

And that confidence and excitement to try new things among the kids is what Dr. Infinger says lures her back to Camp Rise Above every year.