ABC News 4: Camp Rise Above Prepares For Biggest Year Yet

ABC News 4: Camp Rise Above Prepares For Biggest Year Yet


With six years of growth, it should come as no surprise that camp rise above is bigger than ever.

“We started our camps in 2012, and our first year we did four camps,” said founder Barbara Denton. “And I’m so excited to say that this year we are doing eight camps.”

Camp rise above has enrolled over 200 kids for this year’s season and now serves 11 different conditions and disabilities.

“We provide camps for those with heart and kidney disease, sickle cell disease, children with brain tumors, children with tourettes, epilepsy and traumatic brain injuries, children with cranial facial differences, children with asthma, cerebral palsy, down syndrome, and cystic fibrosis,” said Denton.

This year’s camp will have several new events that they’re keeping under wraps until kids arrive. One thing they almost guarantee though, “Your kids can expect to be exhausted at the end of two days of camp,” said Executive Director Erin Ulmer. “We cram an entire week of traditional camp into two days. It is a blast!”

Despite another record setting year, Camp Rise Above says they want to keep helping and serving more kids and families with special needs.

“If there is anybody out there that has a child, a grandchild, a neighbor, a friend that would like to come to one of these camps, we would love to have you,” said Denton.