ABC News 4: Camp Rise Above offers summer fun for children with disabilities

ABC News 4: Camp Rise Above offers summer fun for children with disabilities

April 3rd, 2018



It’s only spring, but most of us are dreaming about warmer weather, time on the beach or in the pool.

And for lots of kids are also looking forward to summer camp, especially those that attend Camp Rise Above. But they aren’t the only ones looking forward to the fun.

Camp volunteers are also looking forward to returning to the camp year after year.

Brittney Knisley has been involved with Camp Rise Above since the very beginning.

“I’m very passionate about it,” said Knisley. “I want to be able to give back to these kids. I attended summer camps as a child, so for me it makes me go back to those days where I can re-live them and act like a child and play and have fun.”

And at Camp Rise Above, it’s all about fun, life-changing experiences for kids that have serious illnesses, life challenges and disabilities.

“For me, it’s seeing their faces when they slide down the slide for the first time or for them to actually hold the bow and arrow and pull back on the bow and hit the bullseye and to see their face and reaction of the accomplishment,” said Knisley. “It’s something they have never even done before to see the excitement on their faces.”

And the excitement lasts all year for the campers.

“These kids talk about these experiences all year long so the parents are very grateful and appreciative of the time we get to spend one on one with their kid,” said Knisley. “A lot of times they don’t have the one on one time.”

It’s quality time that Knisley cherishes at every camp.

“In the end after being exhausted and so tired, I’m ready to go back and do it all over again because seeing the excitement on their faces is what brings me joy to give me the energy to keep going again and again,” said Knisley.

She is one of many as most volunteers come back year after year for more fun and lifetime memories.