ABC News 4: Camp Rise Above Kids Star on Stage With Help From Lowcountry Musician

ABC News 4: Camp Rise Above Kids Star on Stage With Help From Lowcountry Musician


Camp Rise Above is in full swing. The camp offers plenty of fun experiences for the kids including trips to the water park, archery, and making crafts.

There’s also a chance for the kids to be stars on the stage, and meet a local musician.

Musician Nick Collins recently got involved with the camp. His job is to play his guitar between the kids’ skits, but it’s also a chance for him to teach them a little bit about music.

“I gave them permission to break a couple of instruments because, you know, that is rock and roll,” he said. “They are doing really, really good. Their skits are hilarious and it’s been a lot of fun.”

And the skits were entertaining —from superhero trivia, to a dance off including some Michael Jackson moves, beat boxing, and some stand-up comedy.

For camper Lanah Parker, she enjoyed it all, especially having Nick Collins join in on the fun.

“To see someone who is able to do what they love and share it with everyone else is just really cool to me,” said Parker.

Just like Lanah and the other campers, Nick has had his own obstacles to overcome. He lost his left leg in an accident.

“Just as much as the music, they are just as interested in this leg and seeing all that. I tell them I’m Iron Man,” said Collins. “It’s funny how understanding and just how familiar they are at such a young age to just understand what is going on.” And to see that he is still fulfilling his dreams, is inspiring to the kids.

“All the challenges in his life to do what he loves and share it,” said Parker.

And sharing his passion for music with others is the song of Collin’s life.