ABC NEWS 4: Camp Rise Above Kids Get Up Close and Personal with Sea Creatures

ABC NEWS 4: Camp Rise Above Kids Get Up Close and Personal with Sea Creatures


Organizers with Camp Rise Above are always looking to provide new experiences for the kids.

A new session has begun at Camp Rise Above and the excitement can be heard in the air.

This week, kids diagnosed with sickle cell anemia had the chance to learn a bit more about the aquatic wildlife of the Lowcountry.

The children got a visit from marine biologists and a touch tank filled with local sea creatures.

“We have a variety of different animals that are found right here in Charleston Harbor,” said Peter Meier, marine operations manager at The College of Charleston.

They learned how to identify the animals along with some fun facts. But the best part was getting their hands wet.

“We let them pick things up and look at them and examine them, so it’s educational and fun,” said Meier.

Having sickle cell does not affect the campers curiosity and love of learning.

“They are like every other kid—interested in nature, interested in science and getting their hands on and actually feeling these things is the most amazing part,” said Meier.

The kids were able to touch crabs, stingrays and pufferfish.

“It was scary because I didn’t want them to pinch me,” said camper Jayden Ferrel.

It was a little outside their comfort zone, but fearlessness is in their nature.

These brave campers eager to get their hands wet.

“I was a little scared,” said Jocelyn Bryant, camper. “It felt really cool though. I liked it.”