ABC News 4: Camp Rise Above kids gain confidence zipping through James Island County Park

ABC News 4: Camp Rise Above kids gain confidence zipping through James Island County Park

Friday, May 11th 2018


It’s warming up and the countdown is on to summer vacation. Kids are getting ready for Camp Rise Above, which starts in less than a month.

In the meantime, camp organizers gave the kids and the families a chance to literally “hang out” for a few hours.

Up, up, up…on to the challenge course at James Island County Park.

It was a morning of fun for not only those that attend Camp Rise Above, but also their parents and siblings.

But more importantly, it was also a chance to step out of their comfort zone.

“One of my daughters she made it up the rope but then didn’t want to go across and then she changed her mind and wanted to do the zipline, so it’s hard,” said Kishonya Caldwell-Head, mom of Ne’ema, who attends Camp Rise Above. “It’s not an easy thing to do but I think she was encouraged by other kids.”

Ne’ema and her sister both have asthma, but today you would never know as they were both out on the course having a blast. Ne’ema said her favorite part was the zipline.

“It’s exhilarating and scary,” said Ne’ema Head, a camper.

It took a little while for most kids to work up the nerve to go down the zipline, but then it was all worth it.

Kayla’s whole family came to check out the course but she was the first one to check out the zipline followed by dad then mom and brother. Afterwards, it was high fives and hugs.

And what will Kayla remember the most about the day?

Kayla’s dad, Joe Helferich, said it was beating him down the zipline.

What Kayla’s dad will remember is the confidence that Camp Rise Above helps to instill in his daughter.

“Showing them that they are capable of doing everything…you know her brother can do and what her other friends can do,” said Joe Helferich, Kayla’s dad. “She can get up there, she can climb with the rest of them, she can do the zipline.”

And the ultimate goal is that adventures like this and others at camp give the kids the feeling that they can do anything.