ABC News 4: Camp Rise Above Kicks Off Summer Session

ABC News 4: Camp Rise Above Kicks Off Summer Session


School is out for the summer, which means camp is in session. Kids have been flocking to James Island County Park this week for Camp Rise Above. It’s a unique camp that offers fun, life-changing experiences for those with serious illnesses, life challenges and disabilities.

It was all fun and games at the first day of camp as everyone got to know each other. It was as easy as passing around a balloon but then if the music stopped, you were given a challenge.

“Put marshmallows in your mouth and sing happy birthday, put a spoon on your nose for 10 seconds,” said Christopher Davis, one of the campers, talking about the various challenges.

Some were challenged to show off their dance moves while others had to try the coin catch. Then it was time to play villains and superheroes.

“The villains would put on a villains masks and they would go behind the cones and they would get their stuff so then we have water guns so we would spray them and then they freeze for 20 seconds,” said Davis.

Hearing that the kids are having fun was mission accomplished for one counselor that keeps coming back year after year.

“We are all about having a great time and making summer fun for these kids and allowing them to do things that they never get to do typically and maybe it’s because of their illness or whatever or maybe it’s because they don’t have an opportunity too,” said Jessica Berger, one of the many counselors. “That is why we have so many kids come back because we just feel like one big family and it’s just so much fun!”

Of course, for Christopher and the other campers with asthma, the fun was just beginning. He had other things he was looking forward to like the rock climbing wall, fishing and going back to the water park.

But first, it was time to chow down on some Kickin’ Chicken. After all, they have to fill those bellies before more fun camp adventures in the afternoon.