ABC News 4: Camp Rise Above Kicks Off Session For New Group of Kids

ABC News 4: Camp Rise Above Kicks Off Session For New Group of Kids


As Camp Rise Above continues to grow, so does the number of disabilities they serve.

For the first time ever, the camp hosted a session specifically for kids with craniofacial disabilities.

“So these are children that are born with disorders of facial development,” said Dr. Chris Discolo, an Ear Nose and Throat Specialist. “Affecting either their lip, or their pallet, or both.”

Most kids attending this camp had reconstructive surgery when they were young. Sometimes surgery completely solves the problem, with only minimal repercussions. Other times more surgery, treatment and/or therapy is needed to help their bodies function.

“Although cleft lip and pallet and other cranial differences are common, a lot of these kids don’t know anyone else like them,” sadi Dr. Discolo. “So this camp really gives them the ability to interact with their peers and realize they’re not alone in this.”

“You get to do some new stuff that you’ve never done before, and you can hang out with your friends,” said Lincoln Proffitt, a camper.

Making friends and learning is what Camp Rise Above is all about.

“It’s all about learning stuff,” said Chang Flores, another camper. “I really liked the archery.”